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Introductory workshops to industry-specific ones for companies in financial services, healthcare, logistics and supply chain and others.

Learning outcomes

A comprehensive understanding of what blockchain is, how it works, as well as insights into how it will affect the future of your industry and organisation.
The ability to analyse the incentive structure in a blockchain based system and critically assess its functions, benefits and vulnerability as well as to to make strategic business decisions with regards to where a blockchain based structure maybe applied.
Attain awareness and understand of the new challenges that exist through the utilisation of blockchain technology as well as the knowledge of how to potentially monetize industries and your business through blockchain technology.

Program curriculum

Popular Modules:
Introduction to Blockchain
Economics and Incentives for blockchain
Blockchain Governance best practices
Token & Token Economics
Monetisation of Blockchain
Big Data, AI and Blockchain
We also provide industry specific master classes. Please contact us for more tailored topics.

Blog Posts

Vision Capital signs MOU to support Hainan's Innovation and Tech boom

Vision Capital signs MOU to support Hainan's Innovation and Tech boom

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Network effects in Blockchain ecosystems

To economists, the adoption of new technology is critical if it can help minimize or get rid of inefficiencies altogether, i.e. it must be able to guarantee better outcomes at both the macro and micro levels. If blockchain can help reduce the inefficiencies arising from the cost of networking, then it's very welcome. Such inadequacies are brought about by the market power of near-monopolistic internet behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The phenomenon of market power for the big market players is caused by consumers not being able to find many comparable options for a product or service. Such a scenario gives more power to the big players to manipulate the market to their advantage by, for instance, raising prices at will.

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Blockchain + AI = ?

What happens when two major technological trends see an synergy or overlap in usage or co-development?We have blockchain’s promise of near-frictionless value exchange and AI’s ability to conduct analysis of massive amounts of data. The joining of the two could mark the beginning of an entirely new paradigm. We can maximize security while remaining immutable by employing AI agents that govern the chain. With more companies and institutions adopting blockchain-based solutions, and more complex, potentially critical data stored in distributed ledgers, there’s a growing need for sophisticated analysis methods, which AI technology can provide.The combination of AI and blockchain is fueling the onset of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution“ by reinventing economics and information exchange.1. Precision medicine

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